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Safety Helmet Accessories

Protos® Integral safety helmet accessories are very special. The Protos® Integral safety helmet can be fitted with a range of accessories to equip you for any mission. The majority of the helmet accessories are fully integrated inside the helmet shell.  Integration provides additional safety and great weight distribution, enhancing the comfort of the helmet.

You can choose from eye protection, face protection and ear protection, as well as communication systems and general hygiene replacement kits to freshen up your Protos® helmet.  There is a wide range of colour choices to suit every taste.

Safety Glasses

Protos® integrated safety glasses uniquely attach to the internal cradle of the helmet.  You can easily attach and remove the glasses from your helmet with just 2 clicks. Being able to store your glasses inside the helmet shell offers greater ease of use and care. This design ensures that the glasses are kept scratch free and are always there for when you need them without being lost.

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Ear Defenders

The Protos® Integral integrated ear defenders are very special. Due to their streamline design and unique attachment bracket they are able to be stored inside the helmet. You simply slide the ear protectors backwards and they park between the inner and outer shells. This fully integrated design ensures that there is a significantly reduced risk of you being snagged or caught up while at work. You then just slide them forwards to engage the ear protection.

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Helmet Visors

Protos® Integral Visors can be attached to your Protos® Integral Helmet to provide protection against dust, water and other low impact particles. Your Protos® Visors are easily changed by simply clicking off and on the visor at the connection points.  The connection points are on the inside of the helmet shell to reduce the chance of being snagged. When you are using the visor it will remain in the parked or active position.  The spring loaded system ensures smooth movement and stability of your visor, critical when in challenging situations.

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Helmet Torch

The Protos® Maclip Helmet Torch is an LED safety lamp, which is mounted outside the Protos®. The torch is mounted on the Protos® via a magnetic system. However, this system is also suitable for a belt clip. Available in left & right options.  You can choose to fit 2 torches, one on each side of the safety helmet.

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Neck Cape

The Protos® Neck Cape is made from 3 layers of high-quality SympaTex functional fabric making it waterproof and breathable to keep the neck area dry and clean during work. It simply clips on to the recessed slot at the rear of the Protos® helmet. Available in a choice of 5 colours.

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Hygiene Kits

A range of spare or replacement safety helmet hygiene kits, sweatbands, ear defender parts, chin straps and face masks for your Protos® Integral safety helmet.

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Helmet Brackets

A range of different helmet brackets for your Protos®, for use with Ear Defenders and Communication systems.

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